February 23, 2018


*  Please note that the MLW/DEC services are intended for children under age 7, who have complex developmental concerns, such as autism spectrum disorders as well as combined developmental and mental health concerns.

*  If your child is between the ages of birth-2-1/2 years, please contact your local Early Intervention office, in addition to contacting the MLW/DEC.

*  If your child is between the ages of 2-1/2 and 5, please contact your school district to initiate a preschool evaluation, in addition to contacting the MLW/DEC.

*  Children with suspected ADHD, without other complicating developmental or mental health concerns, should be referred to a psychologist or other mental health clinic for evaluation.

*  Prompt return of any paperwork or forms will help to expedite the process.

* If we determine that the child and family would be better served by another agency or other services, we will help with the necessary referrals.

* Parents of older children who want an evaluation for possible autism who live in Onondaga County should contact Exceptional Family Resources at 315-478-1462 x 337.  Karen Adams is the Resource Specialist. For those families residing outside of Onondaga County, please call Parent to Parent of NYS, toll free at 1-800-305-8815.