February 23, 2018

Mobile Expressions – Choosing What’s “APP”ropriate for Your Child With ASD

A program to support children with ASD in their development of functional communication and social interaction skills through the use of portable, universal, mobile technology.

Mobile Expressions incorporates mobile technologies into the clinical setting as a means to assess and treat children on the Autism Spectrum and related disorders and aid in their development of receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language, as well as, fine tune speech production, including, parameters of vocal quality, vocal intensity and inflection.

Mobile technology is multilingual as it has the potential to include languages from around the world and it has become an acceptable universal means of communication throughout mainstream society.

Mobile Expressions integrates a wealth of information and technological support available on the web to assist clients, clinicians and their loved ones in the development and maintenance of successful communication skills.

As society has grown more mobile, communication aids, tablet computers and smart phones have helped support the development of functional communication, social, play and cognitive skills in children with ASD.

The evolution of mobile technology has enabled clinicians and families of children with ASD to individualize the use of generic devices to support development of generative communication, as well as, function as personal organizers, visual supports, leisure and play partners and homework helpers.  Mobile devices have become the lifeline to successful interaction with the outside world for many young people with ASD and similar learning differences.

Our program Mobile Expressions uses Total Communication, including mobile devices, to assess and develop effective communication skills in children with ASD and related disorders within the context of a transdisciplinary developmental evaluation.  We encourage children and their families to incorporate a variety of communication systems, including mobile devices into their everyday life in order to become effective and lifelong communication partners.

Applications on mobile devices are diverse and dynamic and can be changed and adapted to meet the current needs of the child and the clinician to support skill growth in the areas of speech, language, social and cognitive development.

Our program Mobile Expressions can help children and their families by offering support in the exploration of applications and web sites that may be appropriate to their particular child’s unique communication needs.

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