February 23, 2018

Speech Therapy Activities

4 Steps to Parent Involvement:  In any treatment involving speech sound disorders in children, parents can be one of the key ingredients to maximizing our efficiency in therapy. After all, as SLPs we only spend anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes per week in therapy (sometimes less!). Parents spend a large multiple of that time with their children and while we can’t expect every parent-child interaction to target speech goals, there is so much we can do to empower parents to become consistently active participants in the therapy process, from day one in therapy up to discharge. This is not just intuitive. Some of the leading clinical and research authorities in speech-sound disorders have specifically developed treatment methodologies centered on parent involvement.1 And while it is certainly helpful to develop specific methodologies like Bowen and Cupples’s Parents and Children Together (PACT), a “cookie-cutter” approach is not nearly as effective as a family-specific set of guidelines that targets the child’s individual goals within a realistic framework of parent involvement.2 This blog post walks you through the multi-step process of tailoring a family-centered therapy follow-up regimen outside of your school or clinic so you can maximize therapy efficiency, foster more effective clinician-family communication, and ultimately, get your clients back in the classroom!